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Web Interface To Play With The 'Rholang' Language ~check it out fam!☺


Just want to play around with Rholang? Simply go to


@RChain_Coop Interesting project. Are you the creator? What do you see as coming next?


I’m a collaborator(Developer) with the RChain BlockChain project, @benji we are on course to launch our ‘Mainnet’ by the end of the year. :slight_smile::slight_smile: would love to have great minds like you collaborate with us :+1::+1:


@RChain_Coop I’d love to get involved. Do you have any documentation out on the site yet? That is always the boringest part to sit down and wright haha


:joy::joy: I understand what timing is for you but this will give you a brief guide to what the RChain project is all about…here it, and visit Web on profile for more info.It will be so lovely to have someone like @benji with us