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The Responsibility of Validators~RChain


The validators are the only thing that keep the network secure and decentralized. Their duty is to carefully inspect the genesis block that the standalone node proposed. They should check every RHOC balance, every validator public key, and every bond amount to ensure that the standalone node is not trying to trick anyone. Only then should they cryptographically sign the block. If the network is to be secure, validators must not sign any old block candidate that comes their way.

Luckily the RNode software automates nearly all of this process. The human node operator merely has to supply her own correct bonds, wallets, timestamp, and minimum signatures, and RNode will do all the tedious comparisons. But this means that the node operator must take care to supply correct wallets and the correct bonds of the validators they’ve met. The one thing a validator must never do is sign any old block they never checked over.