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Payment Gateway for an ERC20 Token


I have an ongoing project and I have posted on BountyOne
Integrate an ERC20 payment processor code

I found a solution on

However the developer mentioned some tweaks would be required to integrate to another project.

I have a project on bitbucket there are several places in the App where, payment would be made in the App. Payment would be made in the erc20 tokens and the user account on the App would be credited or access of some kind given when a response for complete payment is received from the ethereum network.

I require a reusable code that can be used in all the part of App where a payment of this kind is required.

The developer should be able to join our slack channel to hand over the solution to one of our developer who would handle the integration going forward.

My skype : petersjobs
telegram: @peterXR
I would appreciate an email showing interest on getting the job


@petersjobs Can you go into more detail where this will be getting used and how reusable you need it?