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Make the World More Fun: Build a Blockchain dApp Game!


yep that works! Thx pls submit


awesome thank you!! glad you enjoyed it


see if you can modify? We totally want more submissions.


Hi Elena, yes! I’m working in a new project.


sweet! we’re super excited to see all the submissions


Quick reminder: Deadline to submit your dApp game MVP is this Friday, Aug. 3!


Hi @Elena_Yunusov,
This is the repository of my game:

and this a short video:

here is my wallet address:

Thanks for this exciting hackathon.


Sorry just to clarify, at what time on Friday will this hackathon be ending? I’m still working on my submission and want to make sure i dont miss the deadline :slight_smile: thanks


@mulili Deadline is 11:59pm EST this Friday. We’re looking forward to reviewing your submission! :slight_smile: Good luck!


Hi everyone, we’re thrilled by the exciting and innovative submissions received so far! If you haven’t sent in your dApp game yet for this challenge, don’t worry - there’s still time!

35 HOURS, 6 MINUTES TO BE EXACT! Ready, set, crypto!!


@shawngriffiths awesome thanks :+1: appreciate the feedback


Ethereum address: 0x2bbcdc28a27e1b09da275041ef0a92a5f58a6aaf


Final reminder: Today is the LAST day to submit your blockchain dApp game to enter Shyft’s hackathon challenge! Thanks to everyone for participating and good luck!


The idea was to build a basic MVP of a MMORPG, mostly text based. I found the idea really interesting having a fungible tonken which will act as money and the posibility of including some other NFT besides the ones created. The NFT have an atribute of 16 digits to represent its characteristics(defense, attack properties…, special skills) and its appareance…
I hope you like the idea.

eth address: 0x27D9F5794D4A624F93714E9902047c53EEe68091


Hello, when hackathon results will come out?


Congrats to @freeman for winning first place and @nflaig for winning second!!