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Make the World More Fun: Build a Blockchain dApp Game!


Make the World More Fun: Build a Blockchain dApp Game!

Hello, BountyOne and BlockGeeks community! I’m Elena of Shyft Network; we’re a blockchain-based network focused on facilitating exchange of attested, regulatory compliant data to enable applications like KYC/AML, and other use cases. We’re excited to launch our first dApp development challenge! Looking forward to seeing what you build.

Goal: Build an MVP of a cool dApp game that would incorporate the benefits of blockchain and demonstrate your understanding of the tech; a game you would have fun with and would actually want to play. Try to design a game that you could play cooperatively or competitively with a variety of ages.

Description: Design the game itself, the front end and UX, user stories, info on how best to utilize blockchain and why blockchain was a good fit for it. Descriptions of why the UX is as it is and suggestions on types of graphics might fit would be relevant.

Build out functionality, and we’ll judge which of these games is the best and would have the best creatures; the winning game will become a ground floor for our next hackathon. It will give blockchain implementation novices and experts alike a concrete ground to focus their work on and show off their skill of what the blockchain code can do.


  • 1st Place: 2.1 ETH (~$1000)
  • 2nd Place: 1.1 ETH (~$500)

Timeline: Friday July 20th to Friday August 3rd

Original ideas and front-end / UI only.
The game will have to be functional, with live demos.
Feel free to use any blockchain, but we suggest Ethereum.

Submissions: Please post a link to your Github repo here as a comment along with your Ethereum address. Thank you and have fun!

Shyft is building the world’s first modern, secure, multi-stakeholder Blockchain-based network that enables KYC/AML attested data transfers. Join our Telegram (, follow us on Twitter (, GitHub ( and other channels found on

Introduce Yourself
BountyOne Hackathon: Build a CryptoKitties Style Dapp Game!

Hey everyone, Elena from Shyft here. If you have any questions, comments pls drop me a line or leave a comment. Super excited to see this go live, and can’t wait to see what the community here can build. thx!


Hi Elena, how are you?
Can this be a gambling funny game?



I have raw idea for a dApp game. I am not a professional front-end developer. I’d be glad if there exist someone can help to improve the idea and implementing the UI. I’m able to handle smart contract. If anyone is eager to have a cooperation please contact me.


@hossein_namazian What would the idea be? I know a few devs that may be interested :slight_smile:


My idea is in basic level and needs to be pruned. The general idea is to build a dApp game around building something like a city, country etc. I have thought of different dependant roles for example miners, traders, agriculturers, manufacturers, etc.
All of them need to each other and this is the key point of trading. Think, you need food to survive, you need miners to build houses to protect your assets, a miner needs energy and tools to mine, everyone needs a trader to sell his or her product etc. The main concept is trading and risking.
I know its not easy but if someone is eager to work with each other I think we can create a fun game and also raise money.


@hossein_namazian Sounds really interesting. I do love playing board games that are very similar. Building a game is incredibly hard, but if it can be pulled off successfully it would be amazing! Are there any non blockchain related games that are already doing a similar concept?


I love board and card games too and as they are easier games to implement most of the time I think such games to develope.
I don’t play games very often but I have heard such games before. For example there was a game players had to work, earn money and purchase house, furniture, etc. I think definitely there must exist such game.
We can start with creating some lovely pictures as graphics of the game and then improve it. Or just showing information of players and do it better in future.


Hey @Elena_Yunusov or @Benji can you awnser me? Can this project be a gambling game?


Sure! As long as it’s fun and a good game


Submit what you got - u never know maybe your idea is the best one?!


Hey @Elena_Yunusov ,

this is my submission for this hackathon. Detailed information about my game can be found on github and in the demo video. I’m looking forward to your next hackathon and hopefully it will be as exciting as this one :+1:



Ethereum address: 0x5043ABB65c3230fE47a85F2ede23fB67E498a881


@marcelo.morgado @hossein_namazian Do you have any work that you need to submit?


No. My initial idea isn’t a good one.


Yes, my game is almost ready. I will submit it very soon.


I think the deadline is untill friday. Is there any problem to submit it on friday?


@hossein_namazian You are correct you have until this Friday Aug 3rd. My fault, our internal system was not updated.


@marcelo.morgado What was your initial idea?


A brazilian popular gambling. It’s is not viable because user can receive a prize greater then pot.


@Elena_Yunusov I have created a functional front-end and UI of my game. It’s a competitive game which joining and checking game rules must be implemented on blockchain. However, as mentioned in the Hackathone description which only the UI is needed for this project, I have not implemented the blockchain contract, but the the rules are put inside the front-end code.
I don’t know if it suffices for this hackathone or not?