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Launching BountyOne Audits! A Crowdsourced Auditing Platform


Today we are launching BountyOne’s New Auditing platform!

BountyOne Audits aims to make smart contract auditing more efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

How it Works:

  • Browse a list of smart contracts that are open to being audited.
  • Stake Ethereum to begin auditing a chosen contract (don’t worry, you will get it back after you submit your work).
  • You will have a few weeks to go through the smart contract in detail and create a report of your findings. We’ve seen the best auditors not only submit bugs but also suggested improvements.
  • After submitting a link to your auditing report it will be reviewed by a group of past auditors.
  • Finally you get paid out in Ethereum from the smart contract based on the quality of your audit.


  1. Alice submits a contract to be audited along with a 50 Ethereum incentive.
  2. Bob and 4 other auditors stake 0.1 ETH to be able to audit the contract.
  3. After staking, the contract is released to him for review. He has 3 weeks to do his work.
  4. Before the deadline, Bob must submit a link to his work.
  5. Bob did a great job and had quality suggestions for improvements. He is rewarded 1/5 or 20% of Alice’s incentive. He has earned 10 Ether and his stake will be returned to him.

To become an Auditor please apply via or send me a direct message with your information.

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So, you mean total stake’s maximum will be 1% of total incentive, yeah?
And Is there a relation between the amount you stake and award you may win?! I mean, stake = award/100 or sth like that?


@behradkhodayar currently the stake stands at 20% of your earning potential under a perfect situation. If 10 auditors joined an audit (with a 10 ETH incentive) and all 10 did an equally good job, then each auditor would earn 1 ETH. The required stake would be 0.2 ETH to join the audit. I will update the original example.


wow this is awesome, further enhances our skills