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Hello Earth People

My name is Paul. I live in Northern New England in Vermont up around the Canadian border. I’m a retired software project leader who spent 20 years in the client Server space working with C/C++. I’ve taken a keen interest in the blockchain space and have several ideas for applications.

I’m here to learn and contribute and maybe even subsidize my retirement if that path should manifest itself. I look forward to being on board this farout spaceship.


@Walrus Would love to hear some of your ideas! :slight_smile:


Hello folks,

I am Anand Tanna, Blockchain consultant and analyst. I represent as Co-Founder. We have expertise in Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, Stellar, EOS, NEM, AngularJs, Nodejs, Python, Reactjs, Laravel, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Android, iOS.

I would like to share more about our services in Blockchain space, we have expertise in:

  1. Smart Contracts Development (Experience of working in Complex smart contracts like Decentralise price feeds, Decentralised exchange mechanism, Oraclisation)
  2. ICO Development
  3. App & dApps Development
  4. Wallet Infrastructure
  5. Website Development
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Architecture Design

Experience of smart contract developments in Following domain:

  1. Education
  2. Fintech
  3. Digital Assets
  4. Insurance
  5. ICO
  6. Real Estate
  7. Trading


Hi all! I’m Fran from Spain. 20 years developing java and bla bla bla.
I LOVE blockchain and now I find myself studying and programming and trufflemigrating --reset.
Hope this is going to be a Nice place to find, give and ask for answers and knowledge.
As a blockchain developer for a finantial institution, I’m really interested in e-money, tokens, erc20, …, and every knowledge I can gain and give about all this staff.
Big smile for all of hoy.


Evenin’ all.

I’m David, from northern England, just outside of Leeds, West Yorkshire. That’s the land of Sean Bean (I don’t think he’s had one of his deaths today), tea addiction (yes, our entire country has a problem), and the kind of countryside that Robert Baratheon would view quite favourably.

I have absolutely zero software development experience and no tech background worth talking about. I really couldn’t code to save my life (probably literally; put a gun to my noggin and demand a few lines of vaguely adequate code from me in return for not popping a cap in me, and it’s a fair bet that you’ll end up wacking me, if not from the wager then certainly on general principle at my total lack of technical skills).

What I do have is quite a bit of experience in social enterprise and community-project type stuff.

And a somewhat insane idea for how to federate community currencies using blockchain.

By insane, I do mean nutty, by the way. “Her Majesty’s” Fintech Envoy for the North told me the other week that I’m 40 years ahead of my time, based on the work he did on a Royal Society report. Which was nice of him. Rather startling, but hey, you can’t look a slightly wonky gift horse in the mouth when it’s ridden by a government advisor you run into kinda at random.

Anyhows, I’m going to lurk for a bit and see what’s going on, then I might chime in a bit about matters pertaining to using tech in ways that benefit our shared society (as opposed to using it to funnel more cash into The Zuck’s Cayman Islands Money Bin, or where-ever he’s keeping it these days).

Oh, funny thing. I’m looking for someone who actually can code to work on my cool idea with me. I’ll post something about that when an appropriately polite amount of time of passed and it doesn’t just look totally random.

spends a while trying to find an appropriate emoji to signal good-natured British sarcasm and fails abysmally



I am a technocrat having successfully launched IT companies. with a Masters in technology and a 30+ years solid experience with IT majors DEC, Compaq, HP , i am passionate in creativity, innovation and a great leader with a vision and mission. Looking for partners with similar traits to team together .


This is Ajit. I am a blockchain enthusiast interested in learning and applying this innovative technology. I have good amount of programming experience in traditional languages, now learning Solidity and dApps development.
Interested in picking up some exciting project to hone my newly learned skill.