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@awareneo You might want to consider becoming a smart contract security auditor for BountyOne: Launching BountyOne Audits! A Crowdsourced Auditing Platform
It sounds like a good fit for your skills :slight_smile:


Hello All,

This is Tamjid from Bangladesh.

Am a SUPPLY CHAIN PROFESSIONAL with an experience of 12 years.

Am here to learn first & then plan about contributing if any issues related to my profession pops up.



I’m Kelly
I am an attorney who is fascinated with Blockchain and the potential for smart contracts. I have very little technical abilities, but would be interested in getting involved in this space. Any ideas for where I could be of service?


I am the originator of Blockchain and used it to operate a Community supercluster in Ottawa Canada from 1995 to 2010. still use the 1998 ledger to evaluate sustainable projects. natural born Innovator, administrator and Analyst now retired. leaving the coding to younger more advanced developers, But looking at using the original leger to do what it does best. Help open doors to job creation by using a more simpler approach to collaboration to redistribute wealth based on effort. Which effort can be anything. from purchasing Clas Ashare which the program sets the dividend to sweat equity being used to open the door to those with nothing left but their talent to get involved.To share in in the financial benefits. If the project make it through the barrier put up by a 20th century silo system that really does not understand economic nor business 101 principles to a sustainable future for all. not just a privileged few with out removing the incentive require fo people to become more than they are and all they can be. Does require thinking outside the box. Using innovation and collaboration to not do more harm than good. does require a lot of of community collaboration to open the door to a very high risk area for change…


Hey guys, glad to be here!

I’m Sebastian, based in Frankfurt Germany. I graduated in Information Science from the University of Amsterdam and worked a few years in management consulting afterwards. I started my own business doing smart contract audits and advising businesses on blockchain and token sale strategy.

Beginning of this year I cofounded, a dApp for easy investing in ICOs, we have just launched on the Ethereum mainnet. Very excited to connect with you guys here to see what others are building and also get some feedback for my projects.



I am from China. I have been involved in security chip and blockchain encryption algorithms for 10 years. I have participated in blockchain hard drives and hardware wallets. I also participated in some ICO related projects and are currently in business. I look forward to meeting some of my friends who want to participate in some blockchain projects.


Hi the world, I is a nomad - practicing magic, catching Kairos… Creation of meanings…


Hello -

I’m Louise. I was in Japan when I first read about the Bitcoin Pizza transaction - shortly after it took place - but - only found out about blockchain about two and a half years ago - and jumped at the chance to take courses through CryptoChicks.

I have a concept that I want to try implementing. If there are any other people who are doing Blockgeeks through Cryptochicks and/or hoping to participate in the New York hackathon - would love to connect - it would be great if we could have our own separate thread!

  • Louise


Hi Kelly -

Perhaps you are also doing the CryptoChicks stream?

My suggestion is IP

  • Louise


Hi bounty one community’
I’m Jackson, I’m an android developer, Graphic designer and a Blockchain Developer. Looking forward to working with this community.


Hi, I’m an actuary but have a keen interest in getting into a developer role by focusing on js and solidity. I got interested by bountyone through hackathons which has pushed me to learn solidity.


I am a Korean business consultant. I worked for 20 years about marketing and business planning. but i didn’t work at blockchain . therefore i would like to sutudy about blockchain.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Deependar Singh
I am a technical writer (SEO and Social Media Marketing). I write for blockchain projects, ICOs, and Finance.
I have graduation degree in Electronics and Communication.
I know a little bit of programming basics.
And i am willing to learn more.
Let’s hope that i can gain the maximum from this community. I also hope that if i can contribute in any possible way to the community that would be a bonus and really fulfilling.

Regards and Thanks for letting me in.


Hi Meghna,
This is deependar. I hope you do well on your project. I have worked on a number of blockchain projects. I do content and internet marketing. I would be glad if i can help you and your team out in any possible way.

All d best!!!


Yemoja. In high school (aeons ago) I was learning to program in C++ and Java, but I started working in the real world very early and had to give it up, so safe to say I have 0 tech and I.T experience. I’m just here to learn as much as I can so that I don’t get left behind in our advancing world, and I really want to be able to help my children to learn about Blockchains, Coding and Crypto Economics.


Hey everyone, I’m Nicole

I’m a VP at a unicorn startup in Southeast Asia. Before that I was a developer for ~3 years and graduated CS @Stanford.

I’m looking for some humble pair programmers to i) learn with and ii) build cool (open-source) things together.
Hit me up: (mostly sharing my learning path here)


Hi Everyone! I’m a university student challenging a BA in computer science. I am minoring in info-sec. I used to repair electronics and have an Associates degree in that. I have been studying the blockchain over the summer and would like to build my own blockchain, DAPPS, and learn full code auditing for security. My previous projects include GUI development with Javafx. Nice to meet you!


@Nicole Welcome to BountyOne! Would love to hear more about anything that you would like to build :slight_smile: I’m wondering if starting a thread about personal projects would be of use for people to chat in about what they are building/want to build?


thanks benji - sure ill start a thread


Hi guys, my name is George and have no background in Computer Science or Cryptography, but rather Economics and Business Administration. I have been in the Fintech industry for the last decade and have a passion for Bitcoin since 2013. Trading bitcoin and mining/supporting the network has taught me a lot and my peers find me annoying when discussing the matter so hopefully I can find more people to relate here. I am also currently performing the role of an advisor for 3 ICOs and love to research and promote awareness on the crypto-space. Am hoping to learn as much as I possible can here.