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@JediJD Great to meet you! If you are able to it would be very interesting to hear more about your smart contract project!


@basantkkukreti Welcome! :wave:


Hii everyone

I’m Jason a member of the RChain_Coop(blockchain development),I’m passionate about blockchain technology, been into it(RChain) for 4months.
Currently I’m most passionate and enthusiastic about the ‘Rholang’.

RChain has taken it as a task to deal with this two major problems facing the ‘smart contract’ blockchain, they are PERFORMANCE and SECURITY. We using variety of different technological approach to performance apart from just sharding the network into parts.
Looking forward to collaborating with the members of this community(bounty-one) and helping to achieve our dreams together


Hi I’m jason. Need to share ideas with blockchain develops.


Hello blockchain develops! I’m Richard, I am a software developer, and looking for a new technology to get into. I’m currently a web front and backend developer. I found out about Ethereum and blockchain programming when I was researching and studying how cryptocurrency work. I am currently playing around with developing a stock picker program that helps me pick stocks that I can make between 10 to 20% gains in a month. I am currently using C# and SQL for my logic source code. I am at about 7% per month at the moment, so it’s a work in progress.

I know nothing about blockchain programming so I have a lot of reading to do. I don’t even know
if I can even use this technology for what I am trying to do.


Hello, Bountyone community.

I’m Nick from Apla blockchain. I love connecting people and solve big challenges. So enable tech companies & tech specialists reach their audiences, find partners and bring tech products on the market.

In Apla we’r trying to make blockchain development mainstream. Providing a platform for rapid dApp development in a Squarespace style. No more hardcore development needed for getting started with blockchain.

Personally I want to scale up blockchain adoption. Integrate it both into governments and our daily life.


@Jason1234 What ideas do you have? I’m always curious in new blockchain ideas.


Hi, I am nagaraj from India. I am a Technology expert and founder of a NA Based Technology company which is into BlockChain, Crypto services for the global market place.I have a team of blockchain developers with skills in solidity,truffle,hyper ledger, web3, Node.JS, React.JS, REdux platforms.

We specialize in ICO services, smart contract development and related crypto services.

Our favourite projects are ICO,smart contract development,Block chain .

We would like to build n contribute to casper, Dapps and next generation EOS applications.


Hi everyone, I’m not a developer, but I’m interested in working with one. I am working on some ideas for linking small scale sellers with large scale retailers. I’m interested in learning more about what is involved and how blockchain could be used to develop this idea. If this platform is for people with more experience I’d really appreciate if anyone can point me to another place where I can learn about current supply chain technology and how to build a model that links different people a long the supply chain, or how to work with developers on this aspect. Thank you!



I am Deepthi, I have 10 years+ of experience in Mobile Development. I am very passionate about learning new things and unlock challenge.

I am looking to build FinTech Apps

I am new to BlockChain and looking to groom myself in this space.


Hello All, I’m still new with BlockChain and really curious about it. So hopefully can get more knowledge and guidance from all experts here. :slight_smile:


Hello everybody !
my name is Hermann, I live in northern Bavaria. My job is house financing and personal loan business.
I’m just a small Excel developer :grinning: and can give some tips on how financing works in Germany.
It is a good time to promote blockchain technology with valuable experiences and new ideas, which Blockchain is predestined for. I want to help people around the world to make a better life, that’s also my professional background.
Please excuse my english, I need to use the google translator.

See you soon and good luck, greetings Hermann


Hello Hermann! Good luck and welcome.


Hi Georga , auch dir viel Glück und Erfolg :grinning::+1:


Hello! My name is Meghana Bharadwaj Rangaraju. I am a final year student of Electronics and Communication Engineering who aspires to do big in the Blockchain industry.
My team and I have been planning to develop a mainstream game based on the transactions of Blockchain.
I’ll be elaborating the idea to those who are interested. Please do reach out to me in case of any queries and for further information.
Since we are newbies at Blockchain it may take some time for us to reach out to you. But we’ll assure you of legitimate and meaningful replies as soon as possible.


Hello am kalungi from Uganda and am interested to become a block chain developer and I want to learn more in being a block chain developer and hw I earn from it thanks the cofounder of this site


Hi Bounyone Community.
I’m an iOS Developer and have previously worked with 2 cryptocurrency exchanges in India for developing their iOS Apps. I’ve been an avid cryptocurrency trader for about a year and now I’m looking forward to venture into blockchain development. Would love to learn and contribute to this community :smiley:


Hello everyone! I’m Elena, running marketing at Shyft. Favourite projects (in addition to Shyft Network, naturally): MakerDAO, Aion, AragonOne, CIVIL, Atonomi, Liquidity.Network, and of course Bitcoin and Ethereum…
Type of projects I want to build: with the community’s help, I’d like to facilitate building of a dApp game we just announced here: Make the World More Fun: Build a Blockchain dApp Game!

I think this is a great opportunity to build smth fun and special; a game you would actually want to play, and in a way that integrates blockchain so that it makes sense. Lmk if anyone has questions about this!
Or talk directly to Shyft CTO on our telegram channel, here:


I am a retired IT consultant wit almost 50 years in the industry, having started off as an Assembly Programmer with IBM in 1970, moving on to COBOL, FORTRAN, RPGII/III, in developing financial systems for international banks.

Interested in Blockchain now for Smart Contracts and Static Data Archiving/Retrieval.


hi all

I’m CTF player and I have 6 years of experience in cryptography and OS security. I have managed more than 10 international CTF and very passionate about learning new things in the security of blockchain areas.