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Introduce Yourself


Welcome To The Community! This is a place for blockchain enthusiasts to talk and collaborate on new ideas.

Introduce Yourself:

  1. Who you are, background, tech experience etc.

  2. What are your favorite projects in the space

  3. What type of projects you want to build


I’m Benji, I’m a fullstack blockchain developer that loves building dapps!

Currently I am most excited about Casper getting built! I think that once Ethereum can scale we will see a rapid evolution in dapps.

I help build this BountyOne platform and am loving it! If you have any suggestions for it or want to help out, shoot me a message and we’ll get building.


Ameer cofounder of blockgeeks and steward of bountyone


I am Ralph from Switzerland and I am a fullstack blockchain developer.
I am familiar with Ethereum and Exonum.

My background is 20+ years as Unix/Linux and RDBMS developer and admin for the trading floor in large Swiss financial institutes.

My focus is on decentralized exchanges and system security and I hope and can give here and there some useful comments.


Great to meet you Ralph! I too am a huge fan of decentralized exchanges and have no doubt that they are the way of the future. Do you have a favorite project in the exchange space? I think 0x will empower a wave of new platforms.


Hello, I’m Tom :slight_smile:

I"m a former language teacher turned developer and have been working professionally in Java now for just over 2 years. I am looking to learn more about dapps and how to build them. I’m really interested in uPort at the moment.

Looking to work on anything really, and happy to contribute in anyway that I can!


Hey everyone!

I’m Jules. I’m a total crypto nut, and found my love for programming through the blockchain technology. I’m mostly into back-end stuff and smart contract development, but I do know some basic front-end to help create complete dApps. I’ve only been developing for about 3 months but I’m absolutely loving it and learning at lightspeed!

A project that really excites me right now is Chainlink, as the implications for smart contract development with this project are huge. Besides that I am a big fan of projects that are using Ethereum to help power green energy and democratization of power, namely Power Ledger and WePower among others.

I’m open to work on anything! No challenge too great :grin: :grin:

Happy to make your acquaintance! Hope everyone has a fantastic time on this platform. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone

I am Budha. I am a digital nomad living in Singapore and travelling around the world. I am an entrepreneur, solution architect and full stack developer depending on what type of project I am involved in. Love the idea behind decentralized apps and have been tinkering with Ethereum and NEM.
I work on any and all projects that I find exciting!
Looking forward to connecting with this awesome community and contributing positively to it :slight_smile:



Any particular projects you working on now?


A couple in AI - recommendation engine and chatbot. A couple of react based web projects.
Exploring the use of blockchain in education and incentivized learning - NEM vs Ethereum vs Stratis


@budha We are hoping to release some React based bounties. Would you be interested in these?


Yes, will definitely be interested :slight_smile:


I’m Amro Kadri, an ICT educator with 24 years of teaching and training experience.
I knew most of ICT productions and services, I have strong skills in system life cycle with deep knowledge in file structure, data sets, validation and verification rules and data flow diagram.
I have some ideas to integrate many systems together. AlsoI have median skills in programming with C++ and C.
Looking forward to design decentralized app with this community. Help the world to better and grow myself.



I’m Steve, software and web developer for over 25 years. Recently have worked on a number of marketing platforms for companies building server farms and pre-ICO, and wanted to get a full spectrum of information so I joined blockgeeks.


@Amro_Kadri @mysmmx Welcome to the community! We get some great ideas and projects in here that people are always looking for more help on. Also feel free to post any projects that you are working on or want to. I’m sure that you will get some great feedback or even find devs to help :slight_smile:



I’m Tataa, a newbie in Tech field. No experience.
My fav is Blockchain dev.
Interested in smart-contract, and everything.


@Tataa Welcome to the community! I hope you get to try solving some bounties soon :slight_smile:


Hi guys this is pavan from india iam a undergrduate student and i am a app designer.Guys can anyone give complete guidance of the blockchain like any tutorial or book actual i am interested but still i am unable to find the resources so can anyone help me


Hi Benji. I’m Charles. I’m not yet fluent in blockspeak but am a quick learner. I was recently tapped to run a MS Gold partner software dev company that has a blockchain/smart contract component and I believe that component has been underappreciated. We’ve been fairly successful in the outsource/nearsource management space, and with technology innovators, but I see some interesting possibilities here and look forward to learning more and increasing my overall understanding. As senior management, I don’t expect to be able to do what my stackdevs can do, but I do expect to thoroughly understand the subject matter.
Technically, I qualify as a ROF (really old fart) that grew up in COBOL, hex and binary, actually using soldering irons on circuit boards so forgive in advance the apparent programming autism…but I’ll ask questions, do my homework, and catch up.


I am Basant .Basically a civil engineer now a days practising procurement.I want to learn about this technology.