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Interledger Interoperability


Quick question to the group. Anyone aware of companies or consortium or associations who may be working on an interoperability protocol between different ledgers? I’m speaking specifically of interoperability between blockchain ecosystems (like IBM FoodTrust to similar platforms) that are used for supply chain - not coin.

Thanks in advance folks.


@timothymarsh Interesting. I was under the impression that interoperability between blockchains such that Cosmos, Polkadot, and a few others are creating would also work for supply chain management. What scenario are you looking to use interoperability in?

As far as I am aware blockchain hasn’t been implemented much in supply chains(except tests). Are there any big projects working on this?


Yes, we’re aware of a number of different BCT platforms which are capable of servicing supply chain traceability business needs. Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric are just 2 examples.

These platforms don’t talk to each other however - they are not interoperable. So if I’m a brand owner and have suppliers using different platforms I have no common language to discover and access data.

You are correct that there hasn’t been significant implementation - but there’s lots of experimenting occurring and the list of those using BCT and those offering solutions based on BCT grows daily. You could look at the IBM Food Trust as a relevant example. Olam Foundation and Origin Trail are additional examples.