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How Scalable Blockchain Technology Can Bring Us Closer to Earth 2.0 [Sponsored]


“There’s more to blockchain than Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency may be one of the most infamous names associated with the platform, but the possibilities for blockchain technology extend into industries far beyond finance. Just ask the third generation blockchain, RChain.”



@RChain_Coop blockchains are good at ensuring somethings authenticity. I see a few glaring industries that this would be beneficial for such as controlled substances (ie prescriptions), finances and a few more.
What industries do you think that it will shake up them most?


A host of industries but for your question my answer is ‘The Medical(Healthcare) Industry’. Implementing BlockChain technology for an effective value chain(government to end-users) is of necessity. Key stakeholders like government organizations, hospitals, healthcare associations, Insurance Companies, healthcare practitioners, healthcare providers, tax agents and end users will have an effective connection on the entire(medical)healthcare industry.


@RChain_Coop There are a lot of barriers to entry when the government controls the industry, but it could and I think will gain rapid adoption in the medical marijuana industry because they need more control over their supply chain so that product does not go missing and records cannot be tampered with.


Very true @Benji, “Blockchain in healthcare according to BIS research is therefore estimated to grow over $5.61 billion by the end of 2025.” I think thats a pointer of the successes recorded via BlockChain technology