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How decentralized are dApps?


Hey All,
I’m confused. When I think about decentralized applications, I imagine an application that does not only have a decentralized backend (blockchain) but also a decentralized front end (html, js, css, etc.) hosted on a P2P network rather a centralized web server. I have been looking at options like SWARM or IPFS but it seems as though these are not exactly ready for always available production dApps (guaranteeing your web files are always accessible to users). So that made me wonder what the most used dApp till now has under the hood: and it turned out they are using Google Cloud services.

So my questions to you are:

  1. Would you consider an application that does not have a decentralized front end but still uses the blockchain backend an actual dApp?

  2. If you believe that both sides of the house shouldn’t be centralized, how would you protect your code from being stolen? Does it matter since dApps should be open sourced projects anyways?

  3. If all your code is open sourced, what is stopping others from stealing your dApp and just remaking it with a different title and preventing you from profiting? First mover advantage?



In my view you are correct to assert that using a centralised web server makes a DApp a fraud, at least from a purist perspective. Check out the video at DApp university for thoughts on this subject.

Additionally can we say an App centralised if it uses a centralised relational database (eg CryptoKitties uses PostgreSQL).

In our view no. Our project team is looking at solving these issues with the best architectural solutions available. Please get in touch if interested in working with us.

Our code will definitely not be open source.


side-chain will help us:ok_hand:


@tissorv But in a lot of cases side chains are not decentralized. Then if it isn’t decentralized or it is only on a handful of nodes then I view that as a negative tradeoff. What side-chain projects do you think have the most potential?


@Gasha1 Fantastic video! I really appreciate the post. What project are you working on? I’m very curious to see if I would be able to help you at all. I think that one of the biggest ideas that will change the blockchain space is decentralized exchanges. We won’t have any Mt. Gox’s hurting the ecosystem anymore (ideally).


SDK Loom


I haven’t built anything on them yet but am looking forward to start. Are you working on any projects now?


over their
Radical Markets…


Hi All
Thank you for your replies. Our research team is working on architectural solutions to Blockchain issues.
Please email me if interested and I will tell you about our plans



Iove this website for this…


@Gasha1 Architectural solutions? Sounds interesting I’d love to know more. There is a Projects category here. If you posted some of what you are working on or trying to solve I’m sure you’d get some very valuable feedback :slight_smile:


Thank you, I will do so in due course.