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I send emails but no one replies.

And how many hours of material is there? Can I see a course listing?



Hey newdev! I assume you’re talking about Blockgeeks?

You can see all of the courses we offer on our courses page.

I don’t have an exact hour count for you as far as materials go, but it’s several hours. Each of our fundamental courses have around an hour or more of video, as well as our live webinars that get added every week and are usually between 20 and 45 minutes. On top of that we have several more hours of guest lectures and partner courses.

If you want to know more, the best place to get in touch with us is at :slightly_smiling_face:


i used that email and only got a reply once i think and not since

as for the ETH track, I only see an eth 101 and eth 102 vid, is that all their is?
How can I learn to dev as an eth dev with just that?


@anon8375266 Each of those are courses, not videos. Each of those courses have several videos within them.

ETH101 Video Curriculum

ETH102 Video Curriculum

From there we also have a workshop collection on tokens and ICOs, as well as our partner courses which help you take the skills you learned into the broader blockchain ecosystem such as the Cosmos and Maker platform. We also have the bounties page here at that you’ve already found! Here you can earn crypto by completing tasks and challenges! :grin:


Are those partner courses free if I sign up with blockgeeks? And are the courses currently available enough to get me to start developing dApps and even become job ready, or make my own blockchain based dApp if I have the idea?


@anon8375266 Of course! Everything on our platform comes with the subscription. We have no current plans to add any courses that would require additional charges or upgrades. If you subscribe you get unlimited access to everything.

I would say that they are! There’s tons of practice projects in our Ethereum course like Election Contracts, Auction Contracts, and more! So if you want to launch a project on Ethereum we can definitely help you get there. If you’re looking to launch your own blockchain entirely, we’re in the process of finishing up our Cosmos 101 course that can help you do just that. :+1:

In fact, I’m editing a Cosmos 101 video on how to make your own cryptocurrency as we speak! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


cool, what is the cosmos and maker platforms? never heard of them

And upon finishing the eth track, how easy is it to get a job in the field?

Are their remote jobs in the crypto space?


@anon8375266 You can check them out a bit more on their respective websites. Here’s Cosmos and here’s Maker. They’re really cool projects and major innovators in the blockchain space.

There are definitely remote jobs in crypto, almost all of them are! How easy or difficult it is to get a job is entirely up to your skills and drive. We give you the foundation and a place to practice and learn, as well as some connections to start your journey. On top of the bounties here on BountyOne, we also have a job board that has a lot of opportunities.

If you have the knowledge and the talent there are blockchain and crypto jobs available. Tons of them! Especially if you’ve already learned their platform, like with our Cosmos or Maker courses. :wink: And we have several more partner courses coming down the pipeline.


thanks, by completing the courses available from you guys, does that mean I have the skills or are more skills needed on top of that?

And to be employable, should I do both ETH and BTC or can I focus on ETH?

And lastly, when can I expect a reply to my emails?


And when you refer to bountiesone and the job board, is that all on this forum or is their as site specific to that?



It’s very hard to say for you specifically because there are tons of jobs in the field that require different coding backgrounds and different skill levels. By completing our courses and participating in our bounties and code challenges you’ll have a strong understanding of several different blockchains, and tons of practice creating and coding decentralized applications.

From there it’s up to you to find a position either through our platform or elsewhere that works for your skill level. Again we have the bounty postings and job board here at that will allow you to earn crypto and get even more practice if you need it!

Like I said before, is the best way to get in touch with us. We have a high volume of messages coming in all the time, but we’ll always find time for you! :blush:


thanks Daniel
appreciate it


@anon8375266 Any time. Hope to see you on our platform soon! :smile:


Which languages should one learn to get into the field? I know you guys teach that, but I mean other languages, I have seen JS mentioned a bit, would you say that would make you a stronger candidate? Or other language(s)


@anon8375266 I’d suggest learning JS really really well first. Once you understand a large language in great depth it will be easy to pick up another language. Plus most of the modern web is being built with JavaScript frameworks so you’d have a leg up on most other devs learning other languages already :slight_smile:


thanks Benji. How do I know I know it really well and how do you suggest going about that? I know the basics of JS, but just the basics, cant do much at all with it.

So learn JS well then sign up for the course so I can get solidity down easily since its based on JS? Any specific JS frameworks you see being used in blockchain jobs a lot, or depends on company?



I’d recommend playing around on or hackerRank. There are plenty of great medium articles out there on this. The best trait of a programmer is to be able to find information by on their own :slight_smile:
React is big for the frontend with VueJS coming up now. Node or the server and Postgresql for the databases or IPFS now.


Thanks, and those hold true for the blockcahin world as well? (react being big and node?)


@anon8375266 Yup. I think that is especially true then. Every company is different though.
I changed the name of this post just so that more users will find the discussion and hopefully gain value.


Awesome, thanks Benji