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English to Spanish


I am Jairo, from Spain, I have a Degree and Master in psychology and I am currently applying for a PhD in psychology in the UK. I spend my time writing and reading books like a maniac and when I finish doing this I read and write more, so my Spanish writing skills are sharp.
I know this has nothing to do with blockchain, but for the last couple of years I have been watching and reading about the topic, so I am offering my writing skills if this community has in mind to expand it’s vision and want to translate or create content in Spanish. I apologyze in advance if this is not the right place to post this.

Thanks to Ameer for the content that he created on youtube which is fckn awesome!


Jairo… I believe 101 Blockchain is looking for some translation help. Drop me a note and I can make intro.


Sure, I’d be interested. What’s the best way to contact you?