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Do you want to co-found a tech-for-good social enterprise?


Yes, that’s a serious question.

My name is David, and I’m putting together a new project called InTACC, the International Trading Alliance for Community Currencies. I’ve got lots of experience as a social entrepreneur, but I couldn’t code to save my life. Probably literally.

That’s where you come in. I need a co-founder. Someone with the tech skills and the drive to work with me on building something genuinely innovative and original.

You will lead on developing every aspect of the tech, while I handle the business and communications side. We’ll work on building the team together; as we expand the number of people working on the tech, you’ll project-manage their work and I’ll make sure they’re happy in their work. You will have a full and equal voice in how we develop the organisation.

The InTACC vision is to build a platform which can democratically link together community currencies like the Bristol Pound. Community currencies are proving increasingly successful and effective, and they’re helping to build much more resilient and progressive communities. But they necessarily don’t connect into the global economy except through fiat currency and other currencies which are vulnerable to speculation. That means the communities they serve are still vulnerable to economic shocks.

InTACC will build a system which enables communities which have community currencies to trade goods and services between themselves on a community-to-community basis, without ever touching ‘fiat’ currency or even trading the community currencies themselves. This could help supercharge community development and resilience, especially for more deprived areas. And it can help build a much more progressive economy for all of us.

To be the kind of person I’d like to talk to about this, you’ll need to show me that you can meet a few broad criteria.

  • Postgraduate-calibre software development skills , including strong proficiency in multiple coding languages and the ability to figure out which tool is the right one for the job.
  • Knowledge of blockchain technology , its applications and how to develop with it (or the ability to figure all of that out very quickly).
  • Solid knowledge of project management approaches in software development.
  • Clear progressive ethics .
  • A genuine passion for democracy , regionalism and supporting local communities.
  • An eye for real innovation , with the ability to see connections others often miss and run with new ideas.
  • Drive and resilience ; putting together a social enterprise from a cold start can be a difficult process, it can take a while, and there can be a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Note that this isn’t immediately a paying role, not yet. I’m looking for funding, and both of us will start to be paid when that search is successful. At this point, it looks like we’ll need to have a MVP/beta version of the platform built before we can get the funding we need to start paying ourselves. That does mean a lot of unpaid work before funding pitches start to bring in the proverbial bacon.

Indicatively, your initial salary is likely to be £35k. That’s the figure I’m quoting for both our jobs when I pitch to potential funders. You will also gain a meaningful equity stake in the business. Hopefully, our budget will allow for some decent perks, when we have a budget. I’ve done some detailed strategy work, so I’ve got a few potential options for budgeting worked out, depending on where we get the money in from and how much we can source.

I’d prefer to speak to someone who’s based in the UK, preferably in the north. I’m currently based in Leeds, and primarily looking at Leeds as a potential base for the organisation. But there are other options, and you’re welcome to make a case for somewhere different. As long as we can meet up for a discussion regularly, we can make the early team development work well, I figure, and go from there.

You’re welcome to find me on LinkedIn; my full name is David Hoghton-Carter, which is unique on the platform. And it’s fine to Google-stalk me a bit; I recognise that you need to be sure I’m not some charlatan trying to pull you into something dodgy.

Reach out if you’re interested and we’ll get a drink.

And you’re welcome to make a mutual intro if you’re aware of someone who isn’t connected on here but who might be interested in coming on board with what I’m trying to achieve.

One final thing worth mentioning: I’m afraid I won’t talk to development contractors. Apart from not having the money to pay an outside firm or freelancer at this point, key UK tech-for-good funders are clear that they won’t support organisations which contract out their dev work; they like to see coherent internal teams.


Hi David,

I am interestedd in this project. I have a team of developers with expertise in blockchain technology and platforms like hyperledger too. you may communicate at my whatsup number is india 9535349545.

let us connect to explore.




Hi @Nagaraja, thanks for engaging.

However, as I pointed to at the end of my post, I’m afraid that I’m not open to international outscourcing on this. There are some good reasons for this: I don’t have the funding to pay for it; I’m aware from stakeholder engagement so far that doing so would play very badly with key tech-for-good funders that whose support will be very important in future; and I strongly believe that this needs to be founded and built by a close-knit internal team, not contracted out.

So, I’m afraid that there is no scope for a conversation on this. Sorry.