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Credit Protocol Hackathon: Build a dApp That Solves a Consumer Finance Problem


Hello, BountyOne community! We’re Blockmason, a world-class developer of blockchain technology focused on building the foundational base-layer frameworks that support the blockchain revolution. Our first product, the Credit Protocol, provides a standardized, secure and reliable means for recording and permanently storing mutually-confirmed debt or credit obligations on the blockchain.

We’re excited to launch a virtual dApp development hackathon with BountyOne, Blockgeeks and YOU!

Your Challenge: Solve A Consumer Finance Problem Using the Credit Protocol

The theme of this hackathon is “consumer finance​.” We are challenging you to think of some glaring problem in the consumer finance world that can be solved using blockchain technology.

For example, perhaps you want to fix peer-to-peer lending. Or create a way for individuals to fund each others’ mortgages, instead of banks. Or maybe you want to revolutionize how auto loans work using the Credit Protocol and the blockchain.

You can build a dApp that uses the Credit Protocol to solve a problem in any area of consumer finance. What problem you choose to solve is up to you!

You can learn more about the Credit Protocol and how it works by reading our white paper here:

And by reviewing our well-documented Github here:

For some motivation and ideas, be sure to check out Lndr, the first dApp powered by the Credit Protocol. It’s a bill-splitting/expense-sharing app for iOS and Android which leverages the blockchain to allow friends to quickly record and settle casual debts and IOUs in dozens of currencies. Download it here:

Please note that we aren’t expecting you to submit a fully-baked mobile or web app for judging. As time is limited, we encourage you to work more on the underlying technology and its function rather than choosing final colors, selecting fonts or applying another coat of polish. Of course, we do have certain criteria that you must meet in order to qualify for the prizes. But for the most part, ​submitting a “minimum viable product” is fine.


The prize pool is open to all entrants that submit a functional MVP which meets the judging criteria listed below before the deadline.

● A Grand Prize of 1 ETH will be awarded to the first place participant
● A Runner-up Prize of 0.25 ETH will be awarded to the runner-up
● A Community Choice Award of 0.25 ETH will be awarded to the entry receiving the most community votes

_*note: any entrants wishing to further develop their MVP into a viable commercial technology may apply to receive additional development support, marketing support, access to the BCPT developer staking pool and more. Any post-hackathon support will be discussed privately between the entrant and Blockmason.


The Credit Protocol dApp Hackathon entry period will run from Friday, July 6th 2018 at 12:01 am ET to Friday, July 20th 2018 at 11:59 pm ET.

● All qualifying entries will be judged by our panel no later than Thursday, July 26th 2018.

● The Community Choice Award poll will be open from Monday, July 23rd 2018 to Thursday, July 26th 2018.

● The winners will be announced on Friday, July 27th 2018.

Winning entrants will be contacted for prize payout on Friday, July 27th 2018.

Judging Criteria

Your entry will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Problem + Solution​ – how significant is the problem your dApp is trying to solve. And how does your dApp propose to solve this problem? Is your dApp an original idea, or a blockchain version of some existing tech?
  2. Commercial Viability​ – how likely is it that your dApp could function as a standalone business? Is there a business model or a path to revenue in the future?
  3. Code Quality + Elegance​ – how efficient is your dApp at performing its task(s)? Did you do more than use a basic Use Case Authority Contract? Can another developer understand what you are trying to accomplish with your code?
  4. The End-User Experience ​– is your dApp easy to use? How does it look, feel and function?

Our esteemed panel of judges from the Blockmason team includes:

Michael Chin​, Chief Executive Officer
Devin Canterberry​, Chief Technical Officer
William Galebach​, Software Engineer
Erik MacKinnon​, Director of Growth

That’s it! Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing what new, unique and interesting dApps the BountyOne community of developers comes up with!


Hello everyone! We’re very excited to be hosting this virtual hackathon in partnership with BountyOne and the Blockgeeks team. Please be sure to ask any questions as we are happy to help.

Looking forward to seeing the innovative dApp MVPs you come up with!


The Blockmason Team


I’m very excited to explore a new protocol! Do you have any examples of previous mvp’s that were built on Blockmason?


Hi @HackerJeff! Great to hear that you’re joining our Hackathon and we can’t wait to see the MVP that you come up with.

There have been a few Credit Protocol-based dApp pitches that we’ve seen (real estate / rent transactions, retail gift card management, etc.) but so far the only live use case we can show you is Lndr, which is mentioned above. You can check out some of the code and our approach to Lndr on our Github:

Thanks and apologies that we don’t have more to show off. But that’s why we created this hackathon and why we plan to run more in the future. Thanks and good luck!

The Blockmason Team


will there be an email or submission form made available?


@Liam I believe we just post a link to the GitHub repo(or wherever the code is) here.


Hello Liam! Thanks for the note. For this competition, please share your MVP or a link to wherever we can view it by Friday, July 20th 2018 at 11:59 pm ET.

Looking forward to seeing your submission. Thanks!


hi benji, hello together!
I live in northern Bavaria and work in finance.
Financing requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. To make everything more understandable, I have a tool to develop on excel. For this I worked a lot and very long until it was finally finished. It is revolutionary and unique in the world, named SOFT! DEE.
The result, a protocol incorruptible as a motor vehicle letter. I would like to support the mission of BlockMason. It is a good time to promote blockchain technology with valuable experiences and new ideas, which Blockchain is predestined for. I want to help people around the world to make a better life, that’s also my professional background. I will openly share my secrets and invention (SOFT! DEE) and wish everyone much pleasure and great mutual success. Who knows, maybe this will make a very valuable app.
My tool is specially designed for house financing in Germany and therefore very complex. In Germany, there are very strict regulations in the banking and financing industry. Other countries other customs, an adaptation to the respective rules and criteria of the respective country should be possible. But I think that you can optimally rebuild the modular tool for personal loans, because I see no problem.
I would like to provide the following screenshots so that they can get a picture of them. The screenshots are cut in real time a bit wider to DIN A4. The topic is complex, that’s why I’ve opened a new thread. Please excuse my english, I need to use the google translator.

See you soon and good luck,
greetings Hermann


Hello @Hermann! Thank you for your submission.

All entries to the Hackathon need to make use of Blockmason’s Credit Protocol in some way. At your convenience can you please confirm how your application uses the Credit Protocol and the blockchain?



Hallo @Hermann! Vielen Dank für Ihre Einreichung.

Alle Einträge zum Hackathon müssen in irgendeiner Weise Blockmasons Kreditprotokoll verwenden. Können Sie bitte bestätigen, wie Ihre Anwendung das Kreditprotokoll und die Blockchain verwendet?

Vielen Dank!


Hi BlockMason! Please see our submission at please note that this project is an ongoing development process and so we have created the credit_protocol_submission branch for the purposes of this competition. There will be no commits to this branch beyond tonight at 11:59 pm EST


6Side team


hi dear BM Team,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Now here are specialists in demand. Do you have a programmer in the house who can program it on the required protocol. I think the Blockchain is like Internet but with its own protocol and also works with graphics and arithmetic functions. I am not a programmer and not an IT. My tool SOFT! DEE was created on EXCEL. It is deposited with appropriate formulas. So a quick and understandable financing can be calculated. The tool is unique in the world and can be very valuable for your purposes. I can also convert it for personal loans. I think with a good programmer it can work well on Android or IOS. Talk to Benji what he means.
Best regards,
Hermann :+1:


Hello BountyOne + Blockgeeks community!

After reviewing the submissions, we are pleased to announce that the winner of the Credit Protocol Hackathon is “Gifter”, which was submitted by @liam and located here:

We are contacting the winner directly to pay out the ETH prize and for an interview.

Please note that as there was only one qualifying entrant, we did not conduct the Runner-up Prize or Community Choice Award. We will roll that into a future bounty or hackathon.

Thanks again for your interest in this competition – we look forward to running more in the future!

The Blockmason Team