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Build a DApp using Embark that can be used at an event


@atvanguard We should have the results early next week.


@freeman You can update your video, but please do not edit any code as the hackathon has now closed to new submissions.


First of all, thanks to everyone for participating in this hackathon. There were some really exceptional ideas and it is fantastic to see the creativity of all those who contributed. Hopefully, Embark helped make this hackathon simple and easy for most of you.

While all the work was really impressive, we selected three standout projects:

  • 1st Place: Atvanguard: ethhack-submissions - DApp for project submissions during a hackathon
  • 2nd Place: Arcelo.morgado DΞvents - A decentralized tickets marketplace for cryptoevents.
  • 3rd Place: freemanDecentralized go fund me - Decentralized go fund me


Thanks @iurimatias! Delighted to hear the results :slight_smile:
Is there someplace I can reach you personally to discuss the next steps?
Thank you.


Hi @iurimatias
I’m avaliable to discuss the project if necessary.
Here’s my ethereum address: 0x2bbcdc28a27e1b09da275041ef0a92a5f58a6aaf
Best regards,


Hi @Benji any idea when fund for winners will be deposited?


@freeman Sorry for the delay. We were waiting for one last ether address before we were able to reward everyone. It will be rewarded today :slight_smile:


Hi @Benji, any news?


The transactions have gone through :slight_smile: Congratulations