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Build a DApp using Embark that can be used at an event


3-week Digital Hackathon in Partnership with Bounty One and BlockGeeks Now Live.

With the new and improved Embark framework, we are partnering with BountyOne and BlockGeeks to host a digital hackathon where we’ll #buidl DApps to be used at the Status Hackathon.

It is incredible to collaborate with teams like Bounties Network to integrate Moksha Coin into EthIndia and Winding Tree to allow for decentralized hotel booking for EthBerlin and the Status Hackathon. These exciting collaborations and integrations came about through open communication with our friends and projects we work with frequently.

Now imagine if we put a call out to all ethereum developers to come up with cool DApps to be used at an event. That is exactly what we are doing with BountyOne and BlockGeeks. Today marks the start of a three week digital hackathon through the BountyOne platform. We are asking developers from all over the world to get involved and build a DApp using the Embark framework that can be used at an event. If your idea is awesome (and feasible), we will use it at the Status Hackathon.

The requirements are simple:

  • You must use the Embark framework and the Ethereum Blockchain

  • Your code must be open source

  • Your DApp must have some relevance or use at events

  • Must be a bootstrapped project (no external funding).

  • Must deploy a working MVP by Sunday September 2nd


  • Judging will be done by the Status team

  • Projects will be judged based on:

    • Creativity and relevance to an event

    • All projects will be reviewed by the Status team


  • A collective purse of 9 ETH is up for grabs!

    • 1st place - 60%

    • 2nd place - 20%

    • 3rd place - 10%

  • If possible, winning DApps will be used at Status Hackathon.

  • Winning teams automatically qualify to attend Status Hackathon in Prague October 26 - 28

To give you a sense of what we mean by a DApp that can be used at events, here are some current examples which have been, or will be, used at various ETHGlobal events:

  • Winding Tree: a DApp that allows attendees to book their hotel room and pay with cryptocurrencies.

  • Livepeer: Decentralized Live-Streaming, built on Ethereum

  • BlockParty: You pay a small deposit when you register for an event. If you do not show up, you lose your money and it gets re-distributed to everyone who does attend.

  • Bounties Network: Creation of bounties and tokens to be distributed and used at the event

  • Status: Decentralized group chat for the events (check them out in Status #ethberlin #cryptolife)

Your DApp can be an extension to one of these ideas or something completely unique. We look forward to what you can come up with and, if it is possible, we will work with you to use your DApp at the Status Hackathon.

To get involved, sign up to the hackathon on the BountyOne website.

To get started with Embark, visit the website here


Benji super- I’m happy;)


Nice, let’s do this.


How do we register for this hackathon?


@Neha_Ghogale Anyone can start anytime. There is no action required. Just make sure to post a link to your project here before the deadline :slight_smile:
Good luck!


This seems really cool. I would love to try this.


I have an networking game app idea:
possible game: every participant posts three facts about himself and others need to guess which one is wrong
everybody can guess about anyone and earn coins if guessed right
The result: everybody knows everybody

Ping me if you want to do this game with me


@Benji is it needed to create any UI? As time is very short it is really hard.


@hossein_namazian It doesn’t have to be much of a frontend UI. It is more to demonstrate the project.


@jeffstei Sounds interesting! Maybe make a topic about it in the main channel to get some more eyes :slight_smile:


Hi @Benji I have a doubt , is the prize 6 or 9 eth?, because in the main page appears 9 but here it is set to 6 eth.


@freeman Thank you for letting me know. The main site is what is connected to the smart contract (which holds the funds) I’ve update the post above :slight_smile:


DΞvents - A decentralized tickets marketplace for cryptoevents.
As non fungible token a ticket can be sell to public and used to check-in at events.

Web DApp - Funcional application with those features:

  • Host an event;
  • Edit event;
  • Issue a ticket;
  • Buy ticket;
  • Transfer a ticket;
  • Withdraw event funds.

Mobile DApp - Prototype that if implemented could be used at event during check-in process.


ethhack-submissions - A DApp for project submissions during a hackathon. It aims to engage participating teams by exposing functionalities like upvoting and commenting on the projects of the fellow participants.

For a quick glimpse, checkout the Demo video.
Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!


BambooDGame - A social decentralized game running on Etherium blockchain, appropriate to play on events for connecting people, creating networking opportunities and increasing attendee engagement.



We wish to share a solution for the event organizers to manage event security, do logistics, coordination, emergency management and secure invoicing.

Please find the link to the write up, demo and source code for the solution at

Kindly share feedback, pointers, critique at


Here is an MVP of a crypto version of the gofundme(this is the gofundme site) service. Which is a crowdfunding service for anyone who wants to collect funds for any reason.
So, It can be used for almost everything.
Here is the source code.

eth address: 0x9A62902fAa4965774e0DE1733ED7f083b6400b7A

Let me know what you think about it.
PD: sorry for the bad quality of the video, I dind’t realize it was so bad until now, i’LL try it wont happen again.


Hey @Benji
It was pretty cool building DApps to participate in this one! Is there some timeline now regarding judging and declaring winners? I am pretty sure if you select some projects to be used at the Status hackathon in Oct; teams would like to polish their projects before they are ready to be in action! Thanks.


We wish to share a solution for the event organizers to manage event security, do logistics, coordination, emergency management and secure invoicing.

  1. Security Management - Security Management for Event Organizers combines Deep Learning models with IPFS and Ethereum Blockchain to enable network cameras help in security planning of the event. The serverless solution requires only a mobile phone and is equipped with two general purpose object detection engines - it detects certain object types in real-time and other object types with better accuracy yet a bit slower in terms of detection and processing. Storage on IPFS; communication/coordination via Ethereum blockchain enables data security to be kept encrypted and place the immutable fingerprints into blockchain transactions.
    Demo Video -
    Source Code and Installation instructions -

  2. Emergency and Logistics Coordination - Emergency counseling during the Event using Decentralized Twitter app built with Ethereum and Embark. Event organizers could also use the same application for effective coordination in case of sharing information about emergency numbers, logistics discussion amongst themselves and security organization of an event (images captured in the security management module could be shared via this solution).
    Demo Video -
    Source Code and Installation instructions -

Secure Invoicing - Invoicing app using spreadsheet based user interface and basic features like save, email and print for ease of use and no requirement of user training/help manual. Security of files is maintained using Nucypher Re-encryption Protocol. The application is developed using JavaScript and Open Source SocialCalc spreadsheet engine.
Nucypher encryption protocol demo video -
Source code and steps to install and run the app -

Please share feedback at


Can i update my video with a better resolution?