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BountyOne Hackathon: Build a CryptoKitties Style Dapp Game!


Goal: Build a Cryptokitties style dapp game on Ethereum in the allotted time with all original code.

Description: Build a MVP of a dapp game that you would find fun to play. We aren’t looking for great graphics or design, but are more interested in just getting the minimum viable product working. Feel free to use any blockchain but we suggest Ethereum. A winning project will be functional, stylish, and accurate. The grand prize will be awarded within 1 week of the hackathon’s deadline.


  1. Place = 0.4 ETH,

  2. Place = 0.3 ETH,

  3. Place = 0.2 ETH.

Permitted Tools: Please use Web3 and/or Infura. Frontend/backend can be whatever you are most comfortable with.

Timeline: Friday June 29th 12PM EST to Friday July 13th 12PM EST


Original code only.

Work within the designated time, or else your project will be disqualified.

Before the end of the allotted time, reply to this post with your projects Github link, a short (< 4 minute) screen recording of your application working, and your Ethereum address.

Have fun and good luck! We are really excited to see what everyone makes.


Can’t wait to see what people build. :slight_smile:


This is an awesome idea! Sadly I won’t be able to participate this time as I’m busy on some work for another project, but I’m excited to see what people come up with :slight_smile:


Awesome @Benji I hope i find the time to participate


yeah, will love to see what people come up with. I can’t participate as I am in my learning phase still learning but there is a lot of stuff in my blog coinexpansion and bitcoinexchangestore which is direct result of learning from the platform


Cool…I will be watching.


Frontend/backend can be whatever you are most comfortable with???
Backend - I understand it on the blockchain Ethereum…
The real Dapp is not a hybrid - correctly understand?


@tissor Correct, the front/backend can be built in whatever you are most comfortable with.


Hey guys!

I really liked the challenge :+1: and I’m done with my MVP Dapp game…right in time . The front-end isn’t really stylish but it does its job, I focused on the smart contract to be more robust and hopefully without bugs. I also hope my english in the overview video is fine. :worried:



ETH: 0x5043ABB65c3230fE47a85F2ede23fB67E498a881


My first dapp game…
eth addr: 0x5f9cf12119275BEd247Ed825E2D5e880b374D06F

Future work to improve the game and build a whole ecosystem:
–Create another unfungible token pets to interact with pirates…
–Create a token that act as money for pirates to pay for ransoms and steal from another pirates once in fight…the losers pirates will see decreased its treasure
–Posibility to create a crew with a captain, to attack another crew and distribute the lot
–Create a better design for pirates according to its attributes, configuring all its body parts…
–Create skills for pirates to be used in combat, so like improve the function for attacking others pirates and crews according to combat skills…

I guess thats pretty much some ideas i had in mind


@nflaig @freeman Very excited to go over all of these! :smiley:


@nflaig Congratulations on winning first place!! 0.49 ETH has been sent to your address

@freeman Congratulations on winning a close second place!! 0.39 ETH has been sent to your address

We look forward to seeing your future submissions :smiley: :confetti_ball::tada:


Hey everyone, how about building more games? We got a hackathon for ya: Make the World More Fun: Build a Blockchain dApp Game!
Pls join in and buidl


Can i use the same i did here adding some other functionalities, or need to be a new one?


@freeman A new one would be preferable but adding significant functionality should be acceptable


What Benji said - maybe add some super killer new features