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Apla Blockchain Hackathon


Goal: create a dApp with the help of new Apla blockchain platform

Apla blockchain platform allows developers to create dApps within days, not weeks or months. Governments from UAE to India are implementing this blockchain for their services.

Make a dApp with Apla blockchain rapid development toolkit within any businesses: fintech, insurance, supply chain etc. A winning project will be functional and accurate.

Bonus points will be given for a written overview of Apla blockchain (mentioning pros and cons).

The grand prize will be awarded within one week of the hackathon’s deadline.

Permitted Tools: Apla blockchain platform:

Timeline: Friday July 13, 12PM EST to Friday July 27, 12PM EST


  1. Original dApp.
  2. Work within the designated time.
  3. Before the end of the allotted time, reply to this post with your projects Github link, a short (< 4 minute) screen recording of your application working, and your Ethereum address.

Getting started with Apla:

  1. Learn our documentation here: Smart-contracts: & User Interfaces:

  2. Download a local platform build «Quick Start» and install it on your Mac/Lin/Win:

  3. Find smart-contracts, interfaces and tables.

  4. Learn programming techniques by code review of pre-installed demo apps.

  5. Create your own decentralized application.

Additional Materials:
Client-node overview:

Have fun and good luck! We are really excited to see what everyone makes.


Is it needed to provide UI too?
Also the installation section is blank. is there any information?


For detailed information regarding installation Link:


@hossein_namazian if quick start below answered your questions - fine. But if you will have an additional questions - please ask them here. We will kindly help you with your dApp.


Unfortunately I have got confused as I compare Apla with something like ethereum. What I need for dApp development are a smart contract compiler like solium for solidity. Or a platform to write my smart contract like remix ide.
Also we need a testnet like ganache for ethereum where to deploy the contract for test it.
I dont know the equivalent ones in Apla. Please help me to get started.


Hi Hossein.

  1. All you need for smart contract development is to install the QuickStart Bundle. It will provide you with graphical interface and an integrated development environment, where you can start building your dApps, including related data, interfaces and smart contracts.
  2. You don’t need a compiler for that, since Apla stores dApp components’ source code on the blockchain, and compiles them only when they are addressed. This allows for their easy editing without the need to recompile the whole thing every time.
  3. We have a testnet running, but the hackathon task implies the installation of the QuickStart bundle and building your dApps in it. You can easily export your apps and deploy them on the testnet after the hackathon.


Thanks for your reply. I will try it.


Hi again.
I followed the procedure as explained in to create a node on localhost. however when I try to with ports 8000, 7079 or 7078 I just get 404 not found page. I don’t know what’s wrong.


hi Hossein,

Why don’t you use the official client software which launches automatically with every node?


Hi Dmitry,
Actually I didn’t find such software. I followed based on the quick start document. Please give us the link.


You don’t need to find anything. The client software is part of the quickstart bundle. It starts automatically with the nodes. The first graphical screen you see - saying “Genesis” and asking to select a username to enter the system is the client software


i installed it but the genesis says service offline(openning localhost:9001), i have runned status command and it says everything is ok, but got this too, Database port: 6000
checking: error

Any idea?


Use the 3rd item from the installation menu to restart the system.



I’m trying to install for windows using

Is there any set of instructions for windows installation?


Hi neverloggedin,

once you run win_install.exe there will be a menu with all available installation options in English.


2 day left for our online hackathon to happen.

All new developers are welcome. You don’t need to spend days to make a dApp. Don’t hesitate and make your blockchain project on Apla blockchain protocol.


the application shows the message “Transaction header could not be validated” so i can’t do too much, even in testnet I get the same message.

any idea?


I want to copy over the contracts/pages/etc from the platform ecosystem to my ecosystem - how can I do that?
(Through export/import?)


Hi! Yes, you can do it with export/import.


Digital Election System Project using Apla Blockchain, please check our GitHub link